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Corporate Social Responsibility
​​​​​​​Logicom is committed to making a positive impact on the community in which it operates. We believe we have a responsibility to our partners, employees, communities and stakeholders to exhibit responsible behaviour in all that we do, and create a sustainable environment in which we live and work. 

​Giving Back to the Community
Over the years, our employees have volunteered and been involved in a number of activities that help the community. These have included government-funded initiatives to provide internet access to rural communities in Cyprus; an island-wide one-day clean-up campaign to promote a cleaner environment; food collection for a local charity that helps families in need, and organization of blood drives amongst other initiatives.​​

​​employee culture​

We organize a number of events each year in an effort to foster a productive and positive corporate culture​​. We offer frequent training courses for management, technical and other professional skills in order to help employees expand their ideas and develop their career and future within Logicom. We also encourage collaboration between our work teams through fun team building activities in and out of the office.

Together we aim to succeed in contributing to the community not only in technological advancements but also by fundamentally raising awareness of environmental issues.

Should you wish to address any environmental issues, please contact the IMS Manager through our Contact Us page. ​

Soon-Upcoming Events
Logicom has developed and maintains an Environmental Management System (EMS) conforming to the requirements of ISO 14001:2015